His Beard, Valentine

My husband has grown a beard for the winter. I hate it. The beard is thick and bristling: an unfortunate, malignant creature that has latched with scrubby desperation onto his lower face. It makes life difficult. I would like to kiss his lips and not his beard, and certainly not the beard residue from whatever he just had […]

Bearing Witness

This past week we had another death at the hospital. There have been quite a few this summer, which represents a bit of an anomaly for a ward that is populated by a predominance of young and healthy bodies. It has been awhile since I have written of the grief that is particular to the medical provider, and […]

Thrifty Thursday: thrift store paintings and frames DIY

Perhaps it is because we are all busy, or perhaps we put less stock in arts and crafts than we used to, but somewhere along the way, the modern American fell into the trap of thinking that artistic pieces for the home must be obtained at Target. Generic, mass produced art available by the dozen, […]