Sweet Saturday: Retrospect


After a brief hiatus, I am back into the mode of writing. Somewhere between August and October, I lost the desire. I consider this a weakness of mine: there are so many ways to procrastinate at doing even what you love to do.

Sometimes, though, I think it is okay to roll along and live without feeling the urge to document everything. For example, I have taken so many pictures of something beautiful that I only remember the beauty of the thing through my photos and not the memories that I should have made.

This is why food is so good. It is impossible to not enjoy the flavor of your cake and eat it too.

Here is a recipe in retrospect. How to make the bacon and egg cupcakes shown above, which A made for me the other day. My little daughter, M, loved them too, so these are fairly family friendly.

. Gather .
Small cupcake pan
Frying pan
Slices of bread
Chopped green onion for garnish

. Cook .
Grease the cupcake pan. Fry bacon until the strips are halfway cooked and still soft. Line the cupcake mold with the bacon, one strip per cupcake tin. Toast the bread, and cut out circles to fit the cupcake molds. Place a circle of toast on the bottom of each cupcake mold.. Crack one egg for every cupcake you want to make. Bake at 350 F until egg whites are set, about 10 minutes, or to desired consistency of yolk.

. Garnish .
Top with chopped green onion. Serve with ketchup and a tart mayonnaise. Add hot sauce for the spice-inclined.

I hope you enjoy!


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